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until the government stops throwing wads of cash at middle east countries and expecting the stability and us style democracies to magically emerge let's break this up. please. please they believe very hard to take that. lightly you better act like that when they're little. league. educated. at least. a little. in the elite league.
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if you live in the us are between the ages of eighteen and twenty nine in an active internet user chances are that you're a criminal in the eyes of the government that's because seventy percent of young americans have a legally downloaded and copyrighted content including two thousand and twelve study by columbia university in fact according to the same study the overall percentage of americans that have downloaded protect their content is forty six percent meaning that one out of every two of us is a pirate now for years the be a myth umbrella corporations of the corporate film music world's these are organizations such as and p a n r i eighty eight have targeted individual pirates in order to scare the rest of us in a compliance when it comes to viewing and distributing copyrighted content perhaps the most egregious examples from two thousand and twelve when they are on a one after a minnesota woman who downloaded copyrighted music and was forced to pay over two hundred thousand dollars in penalties. of course this predatory tactic of largely
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been a complete failure when it comes to preventing the proliferation of illegal downloads and a few months ago artist and musician moby came on the show to explain why i feel even if they're downloading music illegally i don't think an audience should be punished nor should like the r i a take litigious action against soccer moms you know who are just downloading music because they want to listen to it and i don't know it's i mean it's seems very self evident to me that if you're trying to sort of like generate goodwill. suing the people who are ultimately patronizing your business is not the best way to go about that. now because there's been so much backlash against targeting specific individuals the united kingdom has just approved a new agreement between internet service providers and top entertainment companies called the voluntary copyright alert program or vi cap that will rely more heavily
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upon the warning letters than criminal penalties for copyright abusers as a result many media outlets have reported that this agreement has in effect decriminalized online piracy in the u.k. unfortunately as welcome as this news would be for millions of the u.k. internet users decriminalization isn't exactly the case as torrent freak points out the cap is only one element of the u.k.'s piracy and copyright laws and doesn't necessarily prevent major media companies from suing individuals for illegally accessing their content however thanks to this agreement it is now far less likely that the movie and record industry will engage in this behavior which is a big win for the u.k. online community because here's the thing as much as the industry's would like to claim that illegal file sharing is exclusively responsible for the decline of sales and job losses study after study has shown that this just isn't the case consider a two thousand and eleven study by the london school of economics which found that
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quote the decline in the sales of physical copies of recorded music cannot be attributed solely to file sharing but should be explained by a combination of factors such as changing patterns in music consumption decreasing disposable household incomes for leisure products and increasing sales of digital content through online platforms another recent study by the social science or research council found that online piracy has actually forced major movie and music labels in emerging international markets such as india to offer cheap streaming services for media consumers furthermore consider the fact that over the last few years online piracy in the u.s. has actually declined quite significantly not due to threats by the entertainment industry but due to preferences. as for more reliable services such as netflix and pandora according to a two thousand and twelve survey by the and p. d. group when you compare this trend to music industry revenues after the great depression or great recession rather this decline has had virtually no impact on
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the industry's seven billion dollar a year revenue stream so while this new u.k. agreement is definitely a big step in the right direction with regards to protecting consumers we shouldn't be satisfied until real piracy decriminalization laws are passed both in the u.k. and here in the us because piracy is a phenomenon largely created by corporate entertainment thanks to decades of unfair price gouging and customer treatment unless the industry is willing to adapt to the twenty first century media landscape pirates will be the least of its problems. in two thousand and twelve alone the u.s. spent more than fifty billion dollars in anti drug efforts and arrested more than one point five million people for nonviolent drug charges at the u.s. continues to rank among the top five countries when it comes to per capita
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recreational drug use according to the u.n. these stats have led to a complete shift in perception when it comes to one of the most popular recreational drugs in the world marijuana in fact last year for the first time ever a majority of americans favor legalizing the drug after washington and colorado became the first states to do so but according to a recent investigative report by leaf falling at the nation that reality may still be a long way off thanks to big pharma as to legalization efforts to let me break down the report i'm joined now by our to political commentator sam sacks oh what's up sam what's up so start going over what companies and organizations are actually behind this and legalization effort in the us sure well this is pretty interesting as you're. as you mentioned those polls are moving toward legalization you're seeing more and more laws introduced that. either legalize marijuana or decriminalize marijuana or legalized marijuana and you'd expect the opposition to government be moral groups or health care groups of the same sort of problems maybe
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with smoking or drinking alcohol or something like that but instead you see the opposition coming from companies that want to protect their bottom line to protect profits basically protect the markets that they have a stranglehold on right now so you see as you mentioned pharmaceutical companies coming out and funding and this is a thinks as you mentioned reporting by leaf on funding organizations like partnership for drug free kids the community anti-drug coalition of america and project sandwich was a group started by congressman patrick kennedy who got busted on painkillers wrecking his car and decided that marijuana was the ultimate evil drug in america where you see are pharmaceutical companies funneling money into these organizations to advocate against. marijuana legalization laws you also see the prison industrial complex companies related to that like private prison companies police unions and you see beer in tobacco companies coming out in funneling money into campaigns to stop ballot initiatives that would. legalize or decriminalize marijuana it just
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seems completely immoral for like the organization for drug free kids is accepting money from giant pharmaceutical companies that are peddling tells it doesn't you don't see these same organizations putting the same effort in toward into getting people hooked or getting people their addictions to address the addictions people have toward get in or certain opiates or painkillers and that's really what's behind these pharmaceutical companies funding these organizations is there are tens of thousands of people right now who take painkillers and it's known that marijuana can replace pain killers with less side effects. and not kill sixteen thousand people a year like these painkillers. do yeah good point it's just really disturbing and you mention really quickly polisi unions why the hell are police unions involved in this whole lot of police. they get funded through community grants usually through
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federal grants that require them to bust people who are smoking pot so a lot of their income comes from arresting people and marijuana same thing with prison guards look a lot of people hundreds of thousands of people get arrested every year for marijuana related charges that equates to jobs in the prison industrial complex that equates to people needed to guard all these prisoners and we hear each month about these contracts that private prison companies make with state governments where they have to fill up ninety percent of their prisons with criminals to to make a profit there well if you can keep pot illegal you can get a huge supply of criminals that way the prison guards i get more than the cops you think that the casa be like great we don't have to like arrest people for low level drug charges now well i think if you look at what individual police officers are saying on this issue versus what kind of the entrenched police interest groups are saying there's a disconnect there but you know unfortunate we have
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a system that's profited so many things from law enforcement to incarceration to health care and those industries are stepping up and kind of you know picking their sides in this debate over marijuana legal and it's also these groups that are that are keeping marijuana classified as a schedule one drug which is actually comparable to heroin and crack cocaine really really bizarre i don't this isn't how are they keeping that there when two states have legalized it already this is the d.n.a. that this is ill keeps marijuana scheduled as a class one drug alongside all these. very terrible drugs that you mentioned right there which is completely. bizarre but it's kind of what you would expect from the political and economic class of america right now if you remember this weekend i'm not sure if you were if you watched meet the press or probably didn't learn much but they had a whole segment this weekend on marijuana legalization and they had four panelists you know columnist people who are respected in media in political fields and not once did they bring up the drug war as
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a reason. to address mera want to the failure of the drug war the way that it's carried out on racist lines that wasn't brought up once but instead you had canards like marijuana raises or decreases your i.q. by six points or it's something it's a habit that people just grow out of so we should legalize it it's just it seems like policy makers cornerstone running it is no they don't understand it and they're all taking painkillers out of the air like rush limbaugh i was just ridiculous what has happened you talk about legalization and decriminalization efforts i mean talk about a case study let's talk about colorado really quickly about a minute left but what has happened there in terms of jobs time it's not complete chaos is like the movie refer madness for people are just running around jumping out of windows and stuff. you know it's we haven't had much time to really study the subject yet but you've got ten thousand jobs created in colorado since they legalized marijuana in that field you've had ten million dollars in revenue coming in and you've had crime go down about ten percent denver again it's early to tell what's happening but not the sort of chaos people were predicting would happen if
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you legalize the drug maze and thank you so much sam sachs breaking it down as always. coming up on talk about the long held in the human shields state and.
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the. i suspect. we're going to go digital the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across the semi-colon we've been hijacked like handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks and
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rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing the bill ready to join the movement then walk a little bit further. it's been twenty one days since israel launched its bombing campaign and subsequent invasion of the gaza strip according to palestinian health ministry over one thousand and sixty five cars. syrians have been killed and over six thousand two hundred have been wounded and what has become one of the bloodiest offenses ever launched in the region the overwhelming majority of casualties are civilians on the contrary three israeli civilians have died due to rockets and forty i.d.f. soldiers have lost their lives over the last twenty four hours israel has bombed
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more than seventy sites including gaza's power plant the only provider of electricity to the territories one point eight million citizens additionally israel has targeted and shelled dozens of medical facilities refugee centers and is wiping out entire families every day yet despite the extreme disproportionality of the massacre there are still thousands of people vehemently defending israel's right to self-defense see according to israel and its defenders the skyrocketing gaza death toll should be blamed on the palestinians for putting themselves in the line of fire and the crux of this propaganda all stems back to one single extremely loaded talking point. what he wants to do is have a lot of civilian casualties and they use the strategy of human shields for a reason because they think it works we're used. to protect ourselves they're using . a growing number of media outlets are starting to look at how hamas does use
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civilians as human shields i can't believe you told me people don't want to die there is a culture of martyrdom that we hear about all the time so yes human shields from speeches to info graphics like this one the human shield claim has been used as the crux of israeli propaganda to absolve the government of any accountability there's only one problem besides rockets found in an abandoned school there's been no evidence to back up the claim that's regurgitated without question across. the media establishment in an article titled the myth of hamas human shields by the independent it read some gazans have admitted they were afraid of criticizing hamas but none have said they've been forced by the organization to stay in places of danger and become unwilling human shields see for many palestinians there simply nowhere to go the strip of land they live on is about twenty five miles long and is
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one of the most densely populated places on earth its borders are closed and many people made the decision to stay inside their own homes instead of trying to evade death on the streets in fact the journalists who have been on the ground in gaza have reported that they've seen zero evidence as well to back up the human shield claim amazingly despite the loaded term being parroted to absolve israel of its blame war crimes one entity that i could find systematically using human shields israel and here are just three examples documented in the past couple years look this cruel and inhumane tactic is internationally banned and a violation of the geneva conventions which is exactly why it's consistently used to demonize the enemy in this stablish don't want you to look at these people and see say hey they want to die they encourage death they have such little value for life that they actually shield themselves with other civilians the oldest trick in
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the book to make people sponsoring the massacre feel better about themselves which is exactly why we're seeing this unfold in gaza the indiscriminate bloodshed isn't seen as horrendous or deliberate but the majority of the people instead it's seen as well what are we supposed to do when coalition forces are trying to gather enemies and they're firing behind civilians i've talked about how propaganda works to make one man's freedom fighter another man's terrorist and this framework is being used to build cases against the states the government wants to topple. no talking point is more magical to get this done than that of the enemy's use of human shields i want to look no further than the infamous bin ladin compound a raid by seal team six where u.s. officials claimed he was using his wives as human shields when he was shot. when all was alive and done officials were forced to admit that there was no use of human shields in fact according to official narrative the world's most wanted man
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wasn't even armed when he was allegedly executed and it's not just been lost in the fact nearly every major world conflict of war involving the u.s. in the last fifty years has been put at this argument in libya despite gadhafi being boys with us politicians just a year prior to the nato bombing campaign the human shield talking point was used ad nauseum hilariously the only uncorroborated citation of this happening was through the nato supported rebel fighters on the ground all timidly ousted gadhafi killing and saddam izing him with a metal pole in fact leading up to the iraq war bush and crew did the human shield talking point as a main tenet of his campaign to oust saddam and there is evidence of saddam holding people hostage near military targets during the invasion of kuwait however little evidence exists of the systematic use of human shields during his reign a lack of evidence didn't stop bush from fear mongering the world about saddam's
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long history of devaluing human life through the use of human shields media roots journalist robbie martin even found an entire cia report dedicated to saddam's use of human shields during the height of the us propaganda machine selling the iraq war bush even tried to preemptively justify the mass civilian death toll he knew was certain to combat the invasion by saying that the iraqi dictator plans to quote shield his military and blame coalition forces for civilian casualties that he has caused sound familiar moving around afghanistan where taliban militants were accused of quote using civilians as human shields according to government officials just another narratives run by the military with no actual evidence backing it up but this term has long been applied even before the war on terror during the vietnam war and. viet cong was accused of using defenseless civilians as human shields during world war two the japanese army was accused of doing the same in
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both instances the enemy was painted as having zero regard for human life right because the us military its partners in crime have so much respect for life blowing up countries desecrating culture slaughtering millions of people torturing and holding them indefinitely. every society culture and country has extreme aspects to it and muslims are no different but taking the most extreme scenario that exists among the culture and exploiting it to generalize an entire demographic is extremely disingenuous and frankly it's racist and when we use these terms it paints muslims or arabs or palestinians as different ignoring that we're all human beings believing the same blood feeling the same pain and suffering the loss of our loved ones just the same.
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war and. all of the world this week countries are marking the hundreds anniversary of the start of world war one and like all wars fought and lost the pretext for the first of its kind global conflict began on out were landis won the assassination of austria's archduke franz ferdinand with no living veterans of world war one left to give us a firsthand account but a legacy of the great war is often largely eclipsed by the horrors of more recent conflicts in that the scale and scope is a matched in contemporary times the war claimed thirty seven million casualties from nationalities that spanned every continent reshaping borders and settling the groundwork for many of the senseless wars that occur today so with the absurdity of war in mind here to break down some of the most outrageous pretty. for war in the context of modern history and remembering the sept producer manual buffalo what is . yeah i just. yeah how do you know world war one anniversary
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tragedy it's insane and i'm glad that we're doing this because it kind of all stems back to the pretext for these large scale tragedies and it really is just. even what goes on today we haven't we haven't learned anything from from what these wars in the past even even the groundwork like you said world war one left the treaty of versailles and everything was blamed on germany the resentment that came from the disarmament the loss of territory by germany kind of emboldened emboldening the nazi party and setting the groundwork for world war two and let's talk about something else our readers ones that i mean all of them are really outrageous and really i mean there is really never a good return for the number of start of some of the craziest one hundred sixty five paraguayan of war yeah eight hundred sixty five one of the more lesser known conflicts of the world the only reason that we even know about it is actually mainly through the depictions these drawings by this artist named gandhi the opus now and we're seeing some of these kind of just
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a landscape one right now but it depicts all these these battle scenes under. which was the dictator but away nine hundred sixty five the economic conditions that led to this war really weren't enough to really propagate what actually happened but i why was led by this mega maniacal guy lopez who galvanized thousands of troops when all was said and ninety thousand people were were ninety thousand men. that's actually ridiculous ninety percent of the country which is actually was that deliberate you know ninety percent of the men but i had died he was he was paranoid he had thousands of people jailed and tortured including his mother and his sister his own brother was one of the hundreds of. thousands of people his loyal followers that he had had executed because he believed that there was this conspiracy against him so these are you know one of
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the dangers of having these crazy people leading countries i mean we talk about. being a crazy guy but he was just silly compared to compared to some of the people that we look in look to in the past for these crazy cod looks briefly skip over of course the i mean it just so obvious you know very blatantly making out the downing street memo shows that that blair and bush actually doctored evidence in order to fit the pretext of that just completely outrageous that no one's been held accountable for the death of over a million you talk about their pretext i mean just straight up made up right there accountability like literally one side of the soccer war and this is crazy you told me about this during the world cup and i couldn't believe it yeah yeah the world cup always reminds me of this story but it is absolutely ridiculous three thousand people died was it really about soccer in a way yes it was a war between honduras and el salvador in the sixty's the conditions were were just that the tensions were rising between the two countries for almost a decade in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine during a world cup qualifying match where hundreds lost i like the way i tell the story on
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this one for the sake of process. three zero match lost two will solve it or riots broke out in both countries a land reform act that had already cost tensions among the hundreds of thousands of salvadoran immigrants in honduras led to the country actually expelling these people so all solved or you know sent to a ground invasion in an aerosol bombing southern cities in honduras hundreds retaliated the same way bombing oil refineries and fuel depots in the country and it led finally one hundred hours later to year two days after after the conflict began and the oas organization american states actually brokered a cease fire but again soccer in soccer a precise and somebody will die and of course out of today i guess i can't get a better example than this is an israeli invasion into gaza using you know first netanyahu comes out and says. maz is responsible hamas is going to pay and it turns out later not only did he sit on the intelligence that said where the boys were and
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how they were already dead and kind of use that to bolster up this military invasion but also comes out that hamas actually had nothing to do with this kidnapping right we were seeing now several reports coming out saying that there was the there was very there's little evidence to show that hamas was responsible for this b.b.c. reporter tweeted that he overheard an i.d.f. official say that it was and but again this isn't the context this is just the talking points like you said before used to galvanize people to go to war right exactly and unfortunately among until we start calling them out. now they're just going to keep using it and in order to keep using these these pretext to go and cause more death and destruction a depressing way to show but you know some crazy stuff going on man thank you letters from that. maybe it's time to start doing that man iraq will appreciate it . thanks for watching you guys be sure to follow me on twitter at abby martin try me tomorrow i break the sat all over it and.
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think. they would like to do is show that you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy should correct all books. that are going on i'm sorry and i'm a show we reveal the picture of what's actually going pro and we go beyond identifying the truth rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america among them are you ready to join the movement then welcome to the big three.
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go on tom armin in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture speaker of the house john boehner says the talk about impeaching obama is just an election years. run by the democrats can't be serious can you talk about that and more and it's politics panel also ed omonia the republican méribel haven north carolina has walked almost three hundred miles to raise awareness about about the effect of the g.o.p. blockade of medicaid expansion is having on his home town more republicans follow his lead and alec the same group who brought you right to work for less laws and voter suppression ideologues is now trying to destroy the planet or you know how we can stop them in tonight's debate.


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